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The Jennifer Hudson Show Season 2 Episode 157 Shonda Rhimes, Élodie Yung 2023

The incomparable Shonda Rhimes is in the studio as Season 3 of the wildly popular “Bridgerton” kicks off. “The Cleaning Lady” star Élodie Yung chats about her drama series. Jennifer then welcomes “The 50” documentary director Brenton Gieser, retired correctional officer Sol Irving, and “The 50” member Cameron Clark. “The 50” explores the stories of 50 men serving life sentences in a dangerously overcrowded and drug-saturated prison in California. The men took part in the groundbreaking Offender Mentor Certificate Program and became the first incarcerated substance abuse counselors in the country. The group radically transformed the culture of their prison system, and many have been paroled and are now creating change in their communities and beyond.