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Beach Boys Season 1 Episode 1 Summer, Strange Guys Show up, Two at Once 1997

Hiromi Sakurai wakes up in the back seat of his impounded car, having been kicked out by his girlfriend Fujiko. Kaito Suzuki on his balcony recalls a business project gone sour. As Kaito rides the train headed for the beach, he catches sight of Hiromi in his car. The train and car race, but Hiromi's car runs out of gas. Masaru Izumi returns to Diamondhead B&B from the hospital greeted by his granddaughter Makoto. Kaito hails a cab, but stops to help Hiromi push his car. They lose control of the car, and it crashes into the ocean next to Masaru's B&B. Hiromi asks Masaru for a job, while Kaito tries to book a room, but he has lost his wallet, and so ends up sharing the helpers' quarters with Hiromi. Masaru gets a letter from Makoto's mother, Keiko, and then tells them he is going to shut down Diamondhead, so that Makoto can return to Tokyo to live with Keiko. Hiromi and Kaito return to Tokyo, but they both find themselves missing Diamondhead, and soon head back there.